Fields Store, Texas - Disney, Rice University Close To Land Deal


Texas-Themed Attraction Targets 2018 Grand Opening

Waller County, Texas – The Fields Store real estate community received a much needed boost this week when a Fields Store Community real estate broker announced that they are close to  inking a deal on a 6,400 acre tract to The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) for a planned Texas-themed attraction.

The land sale abuts Three Mile Creek to the south, with over four miles of frontage on FM 1488. The planned park would remain largely forested even after development, according to officials.

A new Texas-themed park, tentatively identified as “Longhorn Park” could open as early as 2019, according to sources close to the negotiations. 

Currently Disney operates theme parks in Florida and California in the United States, as well as parks in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
“Our vision for Waller County is to serve as a world-class convention and visitor destination, and this partnership with Disney is one more step in that direction,” said  an anonymous spokesperson. “We look forward to bringing the Disney Magic to America’s Hometown.”

Walt Disney Company officials were not immediately available for comment.

Both parties were characteristically tight-lipped during the negotiations, which have been rumored to be ongoing since a local broker has been inquiring about adjoining tracts of  raw land. Only when the agreement has been signed and papers filed with the Waller County Clerk will sources close to the deal go public.
The Rice University property is one of the last tracts of raw land, in SE Texas, that is visible from space. The property consists of four tracts, with approx. 6,400 acres.

Property ID:151156Legal Description:ABS A324900 A-249 JOHN M STEPHENS TRACT 11-1 ACRES 1384.0
Geographic ID:324900-011-001-100Agent Code:517
Property Use Code:
Property Use Description:


Neighborhood:SWR S-11Map ID:4174 4175 4274 4275
Neighborhood CD:S-11


Mailing Address:% BRIAN L ARNOLD
P O BOX 1207
RICHMOND, TX 77406-1207
% Ownership:100.0000000000%
YearImprovementsLand MarketAg ValuationAppraisedHS CapAssessed

The Rice Public Domain Charter
Like all other states in the USA, the population of Texas in 2013 has to be estimated. The latest figures we have are from estimates that are derived from the results of the 2010 US census.
At the time of the census, the number of citizens living in the Lone Star state was declared at 25,145,561, making it the second most populous state in the country.
The most recent estimate of the population of Texas comes from July 2012, when the Census Bureau reported that they believed the population had increased to 26,059,203. Although an estimate of the population of Texas in 2013 won’t be released until later in the year, it seems likely that the Texas population in 2013 will increase again to somewhere around 26.5 million
Texas is also the second largest in terms of surface area at 268,581 square miles (696,241 square kilometres) but the statistics with regards to density are a little different. Based on that 2011 estimate, there would be 98.1 residents per square mile (37.9 per square kilometre) and those figures are merely the 26th highest in the US.
Perhaps when you consider that there is harsh terrain and high temperatures across much of Texas then maybe the density statistics aren’t so surprising.

Texas Population

The 2010 confirmed figure of 25,145,561 represented an increase of 20.6% from the 2000 numbers of 20,851,820. Like most states across the US, the population of Texas has increased from its very birth but percentage rises are fairly constant with the recent 20.6% increase being a fairly typical figure.
By far the biggest increase in the measured population of Texas took place between 1850 and 1860 when the numbers jumped from 212,592 to 604,215. This represented a rise of an incredible 184.2% and further large jumps were experienced for the rest of the 19th century.
Further growth levels settled down by comparison but there has still been a healthy increase declared at every US census over the last 100 years.

Texas Demographics

Texas has one of the most diverse set of ethnic contributions in the US.
At the 2010 Census, while just over 70% of the population declared themselves to be white, over 45% were Hispanic white. Of the remaining 30% or so of the Texas population, 11.8% were black or African American, 3.8% Asian and 0.7% Native American with the balance made up from other unspecified ethnicities.
English remains the main first language but, for 27% of Texans, their first language is Spanish.

Texas Population Projections

Unlike much of the United States of America, Texas’ growth is fairly constant and as such it is far easier to predict than other parts of the country. The population of Texas in 2012 is somewhere around the 25.75 million mark and further increases along the lines of those seen in previous censuses could see that figure nudge 30 million by 2020.